The Farm at Southern Oregon University

Our forests and fisheries are at the mercy of the climate we create as we rush headlong towards a global warming that will cross the tipping point.  Though farmers are familiar with variability in weather, agriculture is among the most climate-sensitive of human activities especially in terms of temperatures and water availability. Sensible living in an era of climate change demands that we grow our food in as sustainable and resilient a manner as possible.

The Farm at Southern Oregon University is a center for sustainability. The student-led organic Farm produces healthy, sustainably harvested food for the SOU community. It is a hub for education, student and faculty research and community outreach to the Rogue Valley. Projects on The Farm inspire a generation of ecologically-committed leaders who promote a vision of living and working sustainably in community and on the land.

In order to learn what the Southern Oregon Sustainable Farm can teach us, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now will be dedicating its June general meeting to a field trip to tour the facility. Brandon Schilling will be hosting the tour.

The tour will take place on Tuesday evening June 27th. Anyone interested in joining the excursion should join us at The Farm, 155 Walker Avenue, Ashland, OR 97520 at 6:00 pm. As with all our meetings, this tour is free and open to the public.

Anyone wishing to join a carpool from Medford should email