Grange Coop to close Pet Country

Grange Co-op has made the strategic decision to expand its pet departments in its

eight farm stores and close its singular pet-only store, Pet Country, early in 2018. “Pet Country is a

successful store that has a loyal customer base,” stated Barry Robino, CEO of Grange Co-op, “but we

know that our customers who shop at Pet Country consistently go visit their local Grange Co-op to

shop, and quite often, within the same day. Part of our service model is hinged on the convenience of

our locations, and forcing our customers to shop between our locations no longer seems to fit our

service model.”

Grange Co-op is currently in meetings with its Pet Country team of employees to discuss the next steps in this transition. “Our employees at Pet Country are extremely knowledgeable and loved by our

customers and we are very excited to discuss with each employee the opportunities that exist for them

elsewhere within the company,” stated Robino. “Over the next few days, we will be meeting with each

employee individually to develop a career plan and talk through any apprehension they might have

about working at a new location. We know that change is scary, but our commitment to our employees

is unwavering and we want each employee to be assured that their role is critical to our success.”

Despite the adversity it has faced over its 83-year history, including economic downturns, devastating

fires at the feed elevator (1941) and South Medford store (1979), Grange Co-op has never had a layoff.

Grange Co-op already has plans underway to begin the expansion of its pet departments within each of

its farm stores as an early step in this transition. “As we transition, we are actively listening to our

customers to ensure that we continue to offer the products they want for their pets,” stated Steve

Farrington, Director of Retail Stores.

“This is a positive direction for our company,” stated Robino, “one that will better serve our customers long-term. The underlying reason that a cooperative exists is to serve its members, and by making this move, we better fulfill our purpose.”

Founded in 1934 by 99 farmers, Grange Co-op offers free loading of products, delivery, and Ship-to-Store, and pets are welcome in all stores. In addition to the expanding pet lines, Grange Co-op’s eight

farm stores, located in Southern Oregon and Northern California, offer a wide variety of high-quality

agricultural supplies, farm products, hardware, hand tools, household supplies, petroleum products,

lawn and garden supplies, apparel, and footwear. Grange Co-op has an organic grain elevator,

agronomy center, nationwide membership in Commercial Fueling Network (CFN), and eCommerce.

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