Terence Allen Buttram, 44, Hwy 62, EP.  Forgery 1 x 2.  Released on own recognizance.

Richard William Griffiths, 62, Rogue River Hwy, GH.  Driving while suspended.  Released on own recognizance.

Jose Ramon Quezada-Rios, 33, Falcon St, WC.  Possession of a controlled substance/meth, attempted burglary 1, and disorderly conduct.


Ernest Alan Goessling, 57, Ramsey Rd, GH.  Parole violation for DUII/alcohol.  Released on own recognizance.

Donald Jason Wiffin, 51, Citadel Rd, Trail.  DUII/alcohol.  Released on own recognizance.

Jerry Steven Palmer, Kirkwood Park Dr, SC.  DUII/alcohol.  Released on own recognizance.

Raymond Richard Preston, 50, Teakwood Dr, EP.  Burglary 1, trespassing 1, and harassment.  Released due to overcrowding.

Timothy Andrew Reimer, 32, Ball Rd, EP.  Parole violation for possession of a controlled substance/marijuana, burglary 2, theft 2, and criminal mischief.


Christopher John Raymond Miller, 27, Falcon St, WC.  Failure to appear:  Distribution of a controlled substance/heroin x 2, possession of a controlled substance/ heroin x 4, theft 1, concealed weapon, attempting to elude/vehicle, and reckless driving.

Romaldo Balero, 26, Avenue H, WC.  Assault 1, assault 2, assault 3, harassment, trespassing 2, attempting to elude/vehicle, DUII/alcohol, endangerment, stalking x 2,  and reckless driving.

Shane Davis McCosker, 21, Falcon St, WC.  Menacing and attempted assault 1.

Chad Michael Heppner, 41, Meadow Ln, EP.  Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.


Jennifer Michelle Sams, 40, WC.  Parole violations for endangerment x 2 and theft 1.  Released on own recognizance.

Timothy John Colley, 42, Sawyer Rd, SC.  Failure to appear for burglary 2 and criminal mischief 2 x 2.  Does not meet lodging criteria to stay.


Felisha Marie Senske, 35, Krista Ln, EP.  Theft 3, theft 2, possession of a controlled substance/meth, and failure to appear for theft 3.  Released due to overcrowding.


Christian Lee Nelson, 23, Hwy 227, Trail.  Parole violation for rape 3, menacing, and possession of a controlled substance/meth.

Michael Donald Bouillon, 58, Brandi Wy, EP.  Parole violations for DUII/alcohol x 2.

Cynthia Lenae Smith, 55, Montclair Wy, EP.  Failure to appear and failure to pay for contempt/non-support.