JACKSON COUNTY, OR, July 24, 2017


The Country Crossings Music Festival, being held at the Jackson County Expo July 27-30, 2017 is expected to draw the largest crowd to the Expo of any event in history.  Even prior Presidential visits will pale in comparison to this multi-day, multi-site event.  Because of the sheer size of this event, special planning efforts have taken place to ensure the safety of event-goers as well as the citizens of Jackson County.


Much of the planning efforts have focused on traffic management and a thorough traffic plan was developed by Festival Staff prior to the event to minimize the risks of significant traffic impacts.  Event organizers, traffic agencies and law enforcement have approved the plan implementation and will be constantly monitoring its effectiveness and making any necessary adjustments throughout the event.


Those planning to attend as well as citizens in general are asked to use caution as well as follow plans to help ensure a safe event.  Key points include:


  • I-5 Exit 33 – expect heavy congestion and do not use this exit to attend the event or to drop-off/pick-up concert attendees. All I-5 event traffic is instructed to use Exit 30 or 35.
  • Peninger Road will be closed to through traffic from the Family Fun Center to Upton Road
  • Upton Road will be one-way from 10th Street to Wilson Road to help ensure the safety of expected pedestrians in the area from temporary campgrounds.
  • No parking/tow-away zones will be established in many areas and along several roads for safety reasons. Law enforcement will enforce these areas using impound processes as needed.
  • Except for VIP parking there is no parking available at or near the Expo grounds. Do not drive to the Expo expecting to find a parking space or even a dedicated drop-off/pick-up location.
  • Avenue G in White City from 5th Street to 11th Street may experience congestion as this area is near the designated General Admission parking area as well as the drop-off/pick-up site for those attending the event. Buses will shuttle ticket holders to the Expo venue.
  • The Bear Creek Greenway Trail will be closed to through traffic from Pine Street to Upton Road
  • The Southern Oregon RV Park Day-Use Areas will be closed during the event
  • Watch for pedestrians – this event will cause increased pedestrian traffic anywhere in the immediate vicinity of the Expo including areas in Central Point and other area roadways. Use extreme caution when driving by slowing down.
  • Obey traffic control personnel including flaggers and law enforcement personnel who are directing traffic.


Additional information including venue maps can be found at the Festival website ( as well as Jackson County’s homepage (