There are reports of a large number of people moving away from the state of Oregon.  Oh, I know, there are lots of folks moving in also, but these are different groups of people.  The ones moving in are those who are growing the new agriculture crops, and the ones vacating are those who are disgusted with the new agriculture within the state.

A number of those leaving are heading inland to the state of Idaho, those coming in are from various places, and they are coming here for only one reason.  They are growing drugs because they can get away with it here, but would they come here if it weren’t for the legislature making it legal to grow marijuana?  Probably not.

Oregon’s governor and legislature have now made it not a crime, but a misdeameanor to possess such drugs as cocaine, heroin and meth.  Of course, anyone in their right mind will conclude that making it a misdemeanor will curtail use of those substances–when pigs fly!

There are those for whom this just isn’t right, and they are moving.  Soon there will be a nationwide move to legalize those substances and the Oregon land rush will be over.  Our water table will be ruined and the residue from the stuff will be left for a future generation to deal with.  Wells will be contaminated–those that still produce, that is.

Please don’t misunderstand, I do believe there are legitimate businessmen who have come in and they are endeavoring to do things according to good agricultural practices.  However, there are those for whom the laws of man and the laws of nature mean nothing.  Those are the ones that will rape the land and move on.  I have already heard of it happening, the small time operator actually buying land and then simply abandoning it when that first crop comes in.

The good farmer treats the land as an asset, because that is exactly what it is.  Without the soil, they can grow nothing.  I’m speaking of those who, like the farmers in the old testament, simply used the land for profit and moved when it could no longer support their indiscriminate ways.  They want the land to “give” to them and they want to return nothing to maintain a healthy soil.

Falling through the cracks

I recently read that Iceland has found a cure for autism.  The cure may simply be ignoring those who have autism.  That makes the numbers look good–on paper, that is.  Ignoring those who fall through the cracks can skew any rate chart.  So if we can find a way to make them simply disappear, our rates look great.  We could do the same thing with graduation rates by simply ignoring those we don’t want to count.  Simple solution.  Doesn’t fix the problem, but makes our numbers look good.

Of course, anyone who would take credit for anything in the Oregon Public Education system sound do a reality check with real numbers.  Our education system is ranked #48 out of 50 in the United States, and it does not appear to be getting any better.  Money is not the answer.  Money only seems to buy more administrators, not more teachers, and certainly not better graduation results.