Creepy Crawlies with Christy 082517

Creepy Crawlies with Christy 082517

By Christy Pitto

For The Independent

mylitta crescent top sm sd 

Though our memories of the August solar eclipse are fading as life returns to normal in its wake, here in the Upper Rogue we get a teeny eclipse on the wing every summer. Meet the Mylitta Crescent butterfly with its wings chock full of mini-eclipses.

With a wingspan of just 1” Mylitta are small flitters, but make up for it with bold colors which will catch your eye as they dance around your yard. Though their caterpillars overwinter Mylitta hatch into adults throughout the late spring and summer months. Some even hatch in October in warmer climates.

Right now they are at their peak, so you’ll be able to spot them into September. Their caterpillars feed on various species of thistle which we have in abundance in the Upper Rogue so Mylitta are common everywhere from forests to fields to backyards, so keep an eye out for them sipping nectar from your favorite fall blooms.