Incredible things happening

The incredible things that have happened lately are mind-boggling.  Fires are burning all over the west, and visibility has been low for so long, we don’t remember what a clear, blue sky looks like.  Those folks who suffer from poor air quality have to be suffering from the effects of smoke on their lungs.  I last smoked in the 1960s, but now am back on smoking–albeit wood smoke.

The entire country seems about to erupt with non-peaceful demonstrations for reasons known only to the people involved.  There have been rumors of assassination plots to kill the president, and at least one state representative (not from Oregon) calling for Trump’s demise.  Several years ago, in a town north of here, there were three people sitting in a tavern who were jokingly plotting to do away with the husband of one of the three, and they were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and subsequently served prison terms for their conversation.  Now, it might only result in the removal from office of the state representative who suggested Trump’s demise. Where’s the justice?

North Korea was on a happy little bandwagon, beating their collective chests and threatening to unleash nuclear weapons on the United States–that is, until the President called their bluff by threatening to turn the sands of the Korean peninsula into glass.  Gee Whiz, that tactic of the North Korean president has always worked, make threats and have the world’s big bully give them money–that is, until this time.  The little dictator backed down and will resume when the time is right for more begging.

That is not to say that North Korea doesn’t have nuclear weapons, but they make an overture like they were going to stand toe to toe with someone who has half the weapons in the world and duke it out.  Perhaps there was something lost in the translation. Or, perhaps they are under the mistaken assumption that President Trump is not serious when he tells them to “back off.”

Several groups around the country are attempting to totally erase history from the United States.  What their true purpose is remains in question, but one thing is certain: removing history makes us that more susceptible to repeating and making the same mistakes over again.  Removing the history of a country effectively removes the character of the nation and removing the character leaves us like a ship in the waters with no rudder.  Such rudderless ships have but one destiny: to crash on the rocks and be destroyed.  Hate to say it, but we are dangerously close to those rocks right now. Eight years of leadership with no particular aim but to destroy the country has taken a toll.

When the new president took office he promised to “drain the swamp.”  I would take that to mean getting rid of all the professional politicians who take the job to offer assistance to those they represent, only to find they can become rich during their tenure.  They all need to go.  Let’s clean the slate and begin anew, we don’t need those who simply “skim the cream off the top.”

There are a lot more things happening, and if I had the magic wand, you can bet it would be taken care of faster than Cinderella’s fairy godmother could imagine.