To the editor


The Reality of Climate Change

While the US is understandably focused on the destruction by Harvey in Houston and across the Southeast, weather disasters (many attributable in part to climate change) are occurring across the world.

Just a partial tally: 100,000 homeless from flooding in Nigeria, severe drought in many parts of the Mideast (which significantly contribute to regional conflicts), 1200 dead and millions affected by flooding across SE Asia.

Here in the West of the US and Canada we are experiencing extreme levels of forest fires and consequent smoke pollution at an unprecedented level, as Gary Nelson recently pointed out.

All these disasters result from or are exacerbated by climate change. It is time for climate change DENIERS, including our President, to get on board to deal with the harsh and growing reality that all of us are facing.

Instead the denier in chief is undermining the role of science in US environmental policy and our ability to mitigate climate change in numerous ways: abolishing scientific advisory boards, reversing science-based regulations, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, purging dozens of scientists from advisory positions.

President Trump needs to face up to the reality of climate change and show real leadership. (196 words)


Robert John Scheelen

732 Ellendale Drive

Medford OR 97504


To the Editor:

Been like this here, off and on for two weeks or better. Last four days really bad. This is what can happen, if you let a bunch of tree hugging liberals manage a National Forest. Forest fire fighting today, compared to the 1950-60S is a joke. In those days we had no Borate Bombers, but a bunch of loggers, who had water trucks and Cats on every job. Also the forest rangers of those days knew how to manage a fire.  On big fires, they would go in at night, when most fires lay down, and fire up chain saws and Cat dozers with a nine foot blade and clear out a real fire break. Then set a backfire to give the oncoming fire no fuel. Many times on small spot fires, loggers (not pansy asses who have to be brought before dark, and given a full breakfast so they can maybe get on the line before 7 am) would have fires out before the forest rangers appeared. Oh yes women were allowed on big fires, but they never had a hazel hoe or a Pulaski in their hands. They ran cook shacks, dressed wounds, hauled in supplies, and even washed clothes. Lord how they were appreciated. It seems that today’s federal policy is, why log it, when you can let it burn, and after it has burned, protest salvage logging, for you see it is much better to let the bugs eat it up all that wood, than mill it and put people to work in the Mills and building homes. Seems today, taking a calculated risk, along with common sense has gone the way of the conservative college professor.

Tom Rice

Medford, Oregon