Senator Linthicum’s newsletter

The Governor’s office recently released a Briefing Memo on the latest scheme for creating a sweeping tax revenue generating machine backed by an enormous regulatory bureaucracy. The Democrat’s plan is to bring this legislation into the upcoming 2018 short-session. The original bill was introduced in the 2017 session but was never heard, discussed or debated. The original idea was simply wordsmithed by legislative council with the input of attorneys, lobbyists and policy wonks. In my opinion, it’s 30 pages represents nothing more than a tortured agenda to save planet earth by creating an artificial “carbon pollution market.”

Environmentalism, as many organizations advance it is, in fact, an attack on America. It’s a direct or indirect attack on our economic system of capitalism and our need for affordable energy to maintain businesses in every sector from manufacturing, industry and technology to farming and ranching. Electricity is the energy we all use daily for a multitude of tasks ranging from heating, cooling and lighting our homes, using our household appliances, watching TV, listening to the radio, to keeping our computers and phones charged.

SB 1070, as introduced, can be read here. This bill never got any action but will serve as a template or rough draft. It will then get reworked by the self-serving environmental tyrants and do-gooders who have been manipulated into believing that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a poisonous gas, which it is not.

Humans only contribute about five percent of the current CO2 in our atmosphere, by volume.

Regulations are said to be necessary to reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions, which all get manipulated into CO2 equivalency because CO2 has been deemed to be a “pollutant.”

Based on well-published science It is not a pollutant, despite a Supreme Court opinion that identifies it as such. Rather it is a gas vital to all life on Earth. It is used by all vegetation for growth. CO2 is to plants like oxygen (O2) is to all of us. In fact, humans, all seven and a half billion of us, directly exhale the CO2 that plants utilize to provide O2 back to us.

There is no science unambiguously establishing that the tiny portion of CO2 in our Earth’s atmosphere (400 parts per million or 0.04%) as the primary cause of the warming observed since the Little Ice Age ended in the mid-nineteenth century. Significantly, while there is an incessant cry against global warming and CO2 emissions from coal-fired utilities and other sources, the Earth has been in a cooling cycle for the past eighteen years.

It becomes obvious that this legislation is an egregious attempt to control the very air you and I breath. Everyone in the state will be required to pay up to avoid being put out of business.

The legislation is not about the facts and science of air pollution. Instead, it caters to identity politics and class warfare while establishing the ultimate regulatory machine for generating tax revenue.

However, the revenue is not called a “tax.” It is termed a “compliance instrument.” These instruments, can be bought, sold and traded like the old Disneyland ticket books. Before 1982, the admission ticket system used at Disneyland admitted the bearer to the newest, most advanced, and/or most popular rides and attractions. “E-Tickets” were needed for the good rides and people traded their less desirable A, B, C, and D tickets to get a much sought after “E-ticket”.

The rub is that to get started one had to first buy a ticket-book. This is the heart of the compliance scheme. Like, Obamacare, you will be required to buy a “compliance instrument” and it will not be called a tax.

As a carbon emitter in the state of Oregon, you’ll need to pay the piper. The clever minions writing the legislation also delete any “carbon emitter” language to mask their true agenda. Their definition of a carbon emitter has been changed and is far more encompassing. It is now known as a Covered entity,” which means a source that is required by the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) to participate in the carbon pollution market.

The subtle shift here is away from science and fact regarding emission details and volumes. The EQC will be empowered to pick and choose participants at will. This means the voracious ministers, appointed by the governor, can pick and choose who gets netted and who runs free.

The writing is on the wall, starting with industry, electrical generation facilities, and manufacturing in the first phase. It will move to dairy and livestock operations and will ultimately end with every man, woman and child.

Friends, we are not at Disneyland anymore!