The Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake

The Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake

The Crashed Car and other Mysteries (Parts Two)

Dennis Ellingson

For the Independent

The third mystery: If you turn off on Lewis Road from Hwy 62, after crossing Peyton Bridge, and turn into the first trailhead parking lot you will be in for a pleasant walk.  But there is a curious mystery if you are looking. This part of the Rogue River Trail takes you north along the upper portion of the lake. You can hike it all the way to Prospect. The trail takes you under the bridge and then a long descent down to close to the lake and then a steep climb back up. This is a very scenic hike with great vistas of the canyon to the North and the lake and bridge to the south. But it is also very steep in here and you need to be careful.

Be looking because within a half mile you can see the remains of an old automobile that must have crashed a long time ago. This is on the downside of the trail. Use your imagination a bit and remember that coming down Hwy 62 is quite steep. But if you were on that highway before the dam and the new bridge you would make a sharp right to continue on Hwy. 62; that would have been your only choice except what may have happened some time ago. And that probably was not a choice.

crashed car

Hwy 62 sat a little higher then and the turn was sharp coming down from Prospect. If you were not watching the road or going too fast then you could go off the edge and crash down on the steep sides below.

Note the picture because this seems to be exactly what happened. In the picture you will see the hulk of old car. I am guessing the vintage was of the 1930’s or 40’s. The car seems to be lying more to its side but you can see the steering column and what is left of the steering wheel. Some of the vehicle is buried under an old tree that fell sometime after.

So we are naturally curious about what happened, when it happened and what the results of such an accident were? Evidently it was too dangerous or difficult to remove the car but what happened to the occupants and when did it happen?