EP city council meeting 10/24

Historic Preservation Ordinance for Eagle Point

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent

Over the last decade, several historical sites have been lost or compromised, and the Eagle Point City Council would like to see that trend reversed. They adopted a resolution at their October 24 meeting that establishes a Historic Preservation Ordinance to identify, recognize, and preserve significant properties related to the community’s history, to encourage rehabilitation and ongoing viability, to strengthen public support, to foster civic pride, and to encourage cultural heritage tourism. This will be accomplished by utilizing the existing Community Development Commission as administrators, a Certified Local Government. Individuals who currently serve on the commission meet the qualifying standards. The Historic Landmark Advisory Commission will act as an advisory body to the City Council, making the council the final decision-making body in related matters.

Public Works Director Robert Miller introduced Rhett Gillespie, Public Works Laborer, and Paul Gregory, Public Works Supervisor. Mayor Bob Russell welcomed them, offering assistance when needed.

The City, Rogue River Watershed Council (RRWC) and several agencies have been actively working toward the Lagoon Site Stabilization Project. Sarah Sauter of the watershed council offered a presentation of the problems and the solutions. Heavy erosion has caused Little Butte Creek to shift its course, creating a negative ripple effect. The RRWC is seeking a grant to complete site clearing and construction. The Council passed the resolution to support the grant that will enable solutions.

Jackson County Commissioner Bob Strosser attended the meeting and wanted folks to know that Sara Rubrecht of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has new emergency preparedness brochures available to the public. Her office can be reached at 541-774-6790.

The next City Council meeting is November 14 at 7:00 in Council Chambers.