To the Editor:

It’s great that some Republicans are accepting science.  Federally, the 50-member House Climate Solutions Caucus, half of whom are Republicans, proposes legislation.  But in Oregon, our Republican representatives still sit on their hands.   Many of them claim to accept the science, but talking the talk is totally inadequate; they must walk the walk.

After a season of national hurricane and wildfire disasters almost certainly made more severe by human-induced emissions of climate pollution, the urgency of action should be hitting home.  Alas, it is not!  Facing a legislative proposal that places a cap on our contribution to this global warming problem, Oregon’s Republicans grope from reason to reason to oppose meaningful action. While a few Oregon Republicans stick their heads in the sand, tout the denier hoaxes, and claim not to believe the science, others claim to accept the science and still do nothing.
We’ve had purely voluntary pollution reduction goals in place for ten years and are nowhere near the trajectory of reduction we need to be; voluntary goals have failed.  It’s time to support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill – a win-win solution for rural Oregon with funds allocated to supporting renewable energy projects in economically depressed areas.


Trisha Vigil

Medford, OR 97501