Farm Bureau hears legislators

By Ralph McKechnie

Of the Independent

Jackson County Farm Bureau members met at Elmer’s restaurant in Medford on November 21 with a small gathering.  The crowd was probably slight because of the impending holiday.

Ron Bjork reported that Jackson County will be sending seven members to the national convention later this year.  Jackson County Farm Bureau is one of the larger farm bureaus in terms of numbers around the State of Oregon.  However, changes in membership and additional costs throughout the state have forced Oregon Farm Bureau to look at avenues of raising funds for the organization.

Representative Sal Esquival, state representative from District #6, attended the meeting to give a report on some of the activities going on in the legislature.  Esquival will be retiring from the legislature following the expiration of his current term, and Kim Wallan is currently the only candidate running for his seat.

Esquival noted that the wolf has been delisted in the eastern part of the state and that the state was to have four breeding pairs and there are currently seven pairs and as many as 150 wolves within the state.  He also questioned, as have many others, how OR-7 happened to make his way here and attract females from other areas.  The official story is that the wolves just happened to migrate, but few actually believe that story.

Esquival said that Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife gets funding from the sale of licenses and fees, but feels that funding should come from all citizens of the state because we all should take part in the management of animals.

He also said we will have to deal with cap and trade, something that will cost the average household in Oregon between $700 and $1,500.  He also touched on the carbon tax which is currently costing about $200 per year.

Esquival urged the Farm bureau to “Stay strong” because they are under attack.

Farm Bureau meetings are normally the third Tuesday of each month, but the December meeting will be held at the Mazatlan Grill in Central Point on the 12th beginning at 6 p.m.