Sheriff Report




Jeffery Allen Michael Wright, 33, Sharon Wy, WC.  Failure to appear for possession of a controlled substance/heroin x 2 and possession of a concealed weapon/knife.

Oliver James Gavin-Altidor, 35, Ragsdale Rd, Trail.  Driving while suspended.  Released on own recognizance.

Sean Phillip Donnally, 39, Ajax Ave, WC.  Telephone harassment x 4.  Released on own recognizance.

Audrea Trudy Hilton, 26, E. Antelope Rd, EP.  Parole violation for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Kevan Walter Sadecki, 25, Glass Ln, WC.  Possession of a controlled substance/heroin and parole violation for assault 3.


Antonio Saavedra, 55, Butte Falls Hwy, EP.  Harassment and disorderly conduct.  Released on own recognizance.

Ricardo Angel Palomares, 23, S. Shasta Ave, EP.  Failure to appear:  Burglary 1, theft 1 x 3, and unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.

Mariah Marie Silveira, 36, Butte Falls Hwy, EP.  Possession of a controlled substance/meth.  Released on own recognizance.

Jake Cody Compton, 27, Sarah Park Dr, EP.  Failure to appear:  Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance/meth, possession of a controlled substance/heroin, an possession of a controlled substance/cocaine.  Does not meet lodging criteria to stay.

Adam Lynn Kronour, 54, Avenue A, WC.  Disorderly conduct and harassment.


Rudolph Victor Davis, 40, Highlands Dr, EP.  Fugitive from California.

Richard Drew Wilson, 25, Saint Clair Wy, EP.  Assault 4 and harassment.


Christina Maria Villa, 39, Flanders St, WC.  Possession of a controlled substance/meth.  Does not meet lodging criteria to stay.


William Bryan Hicks, 40, N. De Anjou Ave, EP.  Driving while suspended.  Released due to overcrowding.

Gary Adam Jankowski, 39, Via Linda Cr, GH.  Out of county warrant for criminal mischief.  Released due to overcrowding.


Richard John Kenney, 61, Division Rd, WC.  Giving false information/gun.  Released on own recognizance.

Scott John Shale, 42, Rogue River Hwy, GH.  Animal abuse.  Released on bail.

Timothy John Colley, 42, Hwy 62, SC.  Burglary 2, theft 1, and failure to appear for burglary 2 and criminal mischief x 2.  Does not meet lodging criteria to stay.

Rebecca Ann Dovel, 22, Rene Dr, SC.  Possession of a controlled substance/cocaine and distribution of a controlled substance/cocaine.

Nicole Heavenly Ingraham, 34, Hwy 234, GH.  Parole violation for possession of a controlled substance/meth.


Latecia Cielle Torres, 20, Foley Ln, GH.  Burglary 1, disorderly conduct, interference with report, criminal mischief, and interference with a peace officer.

Richard Derek Culver, 28, Division Rd, WC.  Giving false information on vehicle.  Released on own recognizance.

Elijah Manuel Martinez, 31, Avenue E, WC.  Fugitive from California.

Christian Lee Nelson, 23, Hwy 227, Trail.  Possession of a controlled substance/meth and parole violation for rape 3.

Erica Lynne Lorenzo, 22, Avenue G, WC.  DUII/alcohol.