Senior of the Month for December 2017



This December we celebrate Harry Garber.  He is a regular with us at the Eagle Point Senior Center.  He joins us for lunch and plays Bingo on Monday and games on Thursday.


senior of the month

Harry was born in 1953 in Pittsburgh, PA, on May 8, which, Harry mentions, is also Truman’s birthday.  He is adopted and has no siblings.  Harry has not been married and has no children nor does he have any connection with the military.  He was a class officer and a cheerleader for all four years of his high school tenure.  Harry is an upbeat individual and always has a kind word for his colleagues.


When asked about the most interesting thing that has happened to him, he will recount that in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he met Mikhail Gorbachev in a Holiday Inn.  Harry was serving as a concierge in the hotel and he brought Mr. Gorbachev and his wife food that they had ordered.  He said the Gorbechev’s had a taster and the fellow was very careful that what was brought was safe for the famous couple.


Harry tells us that his biggest obstacle is understanding and operating a computer.  He is still working at it!


He feels very fortunate in that he has two mothers!  He was adopted the first time when he was three days old.  His first adoptive mother passed away from cancer when he was 10 and he was adopted again by his Aunt and Uncle who were in their 60’s.  HIs second parents were named Mary and Russell and Harry says he was fortunate that they were such positive influences in his life.  Russell, his Dad, always said, “You don’t have to follow in my footsteps but if you do, do it well!”  And his Mom, Mary, told him to “put his big boy britches on and get going!”  These were definitely smart people and these are words of wisdom.


When Harry was asked what he looked forward to, he said he is trying to find his real family and is looking forward to the knowledge that he will gain when he finds them.  Thank you, Harry, for being our Senior of the Month for the Eagle Point Senior Center.