Around the house

This Year…

By Lynn Leissler

For the Independent


The holiday symbolized by red and green lingers, so I’m doing my part by eating seasonal M&Ms and opening a belated Christmas present. A trip to the mall, though, will anchor you in January—Christmas doodads at 70% off, winter clothes on clearance, bathing suits for those heading to warmer climes, and Valentine displays.

January also means tending to the Big R, the making of Resolutions. This year I’m giving up smoking and hang gliding, easily done since I don’t engage in either. Equally easy would be a resolve to gain weight, to become a more dedicated couch potato, and to give in to utter disorganization. Guaranteed success all the way.

All kidding aside, taking time to consider what I want out this new year is important to me. I decided it will be an “A” year—awesome, amazing, auspicious, accomplishing, aspiring. Abysmal and awful simply won’t be allowed on the list! Then, knowing what I want, the logical questions is, “How do I get there?”

I sat with coffee, pen and paper and imagined how I’d like to view 2018 a year from now. Unless a goal is a one-shot deal, steps are involved. I analyzed where I want to be, what it will take to get there, and how much time I have for the journey. We’re already a week into January, a reminder that clocks and calendars carry on whether we are busy or idle, accomplishing or regressing, attentive or distracted.

I set some concrete, attainable goals (unlike the list in the picture). On a grander scale, I want to accomplish more. World peace is out of my control, but being kind to my fellow human beings would be a step. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…

I can consider the needs of others, not just my own. A small thing on my part might mean the world to someone else, whether I give of time, money or a listening ear.

Christmas decorations are tucked away, the yard is on its own for now, and my calendar shows empty spaces. We’re solidly into the foggy days of winter, a wonderful season to dig into and complete projects, to clean closets, to catch up. It’s a season of reflection, planning, adjusting priorities and perhaps even a change of lifestyle.

I wish each of you a Happy New Year—one filled with satisfaction, easily solved problems, and pleasant surprises.