Blame it on the stock dog

You can blame it on the stock dog, if you want, but the little fella is probably just as much to blame as anyone in the country.  See, the stock dog is very efficient.  He does his job and never calls in sick, never needs a vacation.  He doesn’t need a retirement income and doctor bills are paid on the spot, so there is no need for a health insurance plan.  All he does is gather stock for the wrangler, does it well and never complains.  See, the stock dog is responsible for all the economic chaos that is coming upon this country and he’s doing it without knowing it.

Perhaps I should explain a bit at least.  See, all those who are working for minimum wage (which would include the stock dog), are seeking a higher wage.  Now, that is not a bad goal, when someone wants to improve their lot.  The trouble is that those seeking the minimum of $15 per hour are those working the counter at places like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr. and places like that.  You really can’t blame them for wanting to buy homes and fancy cars, now, can you? Near-sighted legislatures have granted their request by passing legislation that would grant them their request.  But somehow, they left the stock dog out of the equation.  He still works for the same food and a warm bed at night.

But those not-so-far-seeing legislators and the folks prodding them, forgot that an employer has the right to make an income and the right to stay in business.  The stock dog did not forget, but the rest of them did.

Nor did the minimum wage people calculate that those employers faced with a now-expanded payroll with no increase in revenues and no increase in business, are faced with a dilemma.  What are they to do?  Not to worry, the Japanese have led the way by pioneering robots to take orders, serve food and even make change for those customers paying in cash.  The Japanese, you see are very clever.  They have even opened kiosks that prepare complete meals and dispense them to a waiting public, hungry for a meal after a hard day’s work.  Instant dinner ready when you pull into the driveway.  How convenient can that be?

The Japanese have followed our stock dog example even further by inventing robots to do housework and any number of household chores and they can be programmed just about any way you want.  But this leads me to the really scary part of this scenario. A Japanese man, for instance, could buy an entire family of robots, wife, kids and dog: screaming, barking and nagging in a clever package.

Now, those of you who are conspiracy theorists will realize where this is going: agenda 21 or now more currently, agenda 2030 (because they didn’t make their original timetable and it has now been pushed back to 2030).

Our poor dog is still out working those cattle, working until arthritis overtakes him and the owner takes on another puppy and he spends his remaining time by the woodstove, occasionally taking nourishment until he is no more.

See, it is the dog’s fault for this whole thing because he took the place of three men and horses that would be required to work those animals.  Those ranch hands wanted vacation, sick time, medical insurance and enough income they could save for retirement.

Those replaced by robots, ranch hands and counter personnel really have no place to go but to live off the charity of others.

See, the stock dog is the culprit in this scenario by putting ranchers who hire men at the disadvantage.  Dogs are our friends, aren’t they?