Letters to the Editor

Upper Rogue Independent

Oregon’s taxpayers are under constant assault from the tax and spend legislators in Salem – so much so we tend to become dulled to the myriad of ways they can spend OUR money….BUT, there is one abuse of our tax money which is way under the average taxpayer’s radar:  taxpayer funding of elective abortions.  You may recall last year’s legislative passage of HB-3391, a bill which forces private health insurance companies to cover abortions for their insured – without copays or deductibles.  It was labeled by the national media as the most progressive pro-abortion law in the country, but taxpayer funding for elective abortions has been the law of the State or Oregon since a state Supreme Court ruling in 1984, favoring – who else – Planned Parenthood – our country’s single largest provider of abortions and major beneficiary of this ruling.  (Planned Parenthood Ass’n v. Dept. of Human Resources 687 P.2d 785 -1984)

Citizens:  We have an opportunity to stop this immoral and unjust forced taxation – Initiative Petition #1 bans the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions.  While it does not stop abortion in Oregon, it does prevent the use of our tax money to pay for one.

According to data from the Oregon Health Authority taxpayers have paid for 52,438 abortions in Oregon in just the last 14 years, spending a whopping $23.8 Million tax dollars. (Oregon Health Authority, Division of Medical Assistance Programs – 2369_TAS_20170123.xls)

There are many ways my tax money is spent that I don’t like, but nothing compares to the knowledge that my money is being used to take the lives of thousands of unborns while damaging the emotional lives of their mothers, probably for the rest of their lives.  If you agree, join me in signing       IP #1 – it is a proposed constitutional amendment which, with enough valid signatures, will be on this November’s general election ballot.   Your signature – and better, your help in gathering signatures – is badly needed, as we are currently nearly 25,000 signatures short of the 117,000 valid signatures needed to qualify it.

All of the information referred to in this letter is linked on the www.StoptheFunding.org website, so you can do your own research.  You can also order petition sheets and find other like-minded Oregonians working to stop this outrageous and tragic use of our tax money.

Bryan Platt, Eagle Point