Make America great again

The groundhog himself, has predicted si

not really much of a prediction,citing that there are six more calendar weeks until the official spring day when winter is officially over.  That is one of two things that are predictable these days, the other being that the Republicans and the Democrats will bicker over who is right and wrong.

We have had very little actual winter here in Oregon, not that many days of frost or freezing weather, and one day of snow here on the valley floor.  Now, that may change–I have seen blizzards as late as the second week of April, but that has been some years ago.  In the meantime, the eastern seaboard and the upper midwest had had a winter to remember.

The Democrats have been very critical of the President, when their rallying cry just a couple of years ago was we need to gather behind and support the president.  A lot has changed in those couple of years.  Now, there is talk of impeachment and we have even heard of plots to assassinate the President.  Can you believe it?  The talk is openly hateful. And that will not make America Great Again as the President has suggested.

First, we must look at why America is no longer “great.” When I was younger, America was the unchallenged leader in just about everything.  It is no longer that way and there are many reasons.  America was the leader in technology and we have let that slip by allowing foreign scientists to steal our technology at Los Alamos and other places around the country.  We have allowed foreign scientists to send secrets back when scientists are employed in vital industries throughout the country. Our own State Department has sent classified information over un-secured servers and it was easy enough for Wikileaks to assess let alone all the foreign governments who wish us harm.

We have slipped because we have confused dollars with wealth where the real measure is knowledge.  We have forced foreign powers into a “petro-dollar” trade where the dollar is the only currency available to many of the member nations.  All it takes is for one of those countries to refuse and the trade falls apart.  That has already happened and was why we felt we had to “take out” Saddam Hussein and Moamar Kadafy, because they were oil rick and decided they no longer wanted to “play the game.”

Moraly, the country we grew up in is gone too.  64 million abortions since 1973 prove we have not returned to a morality.  And since still have the “shine” but no substance, it is a country that is teetering on the edge of becoming a third world country, w e have nothing left to be proud of.

Ayn Rand wrote about what would happen to this country with her mid 1950s novel, Atlas Shrugged.  For those who have never read the book, it parallels what is happening to our society today, almost if Rand had a crystal ball to be able to see into 60 years into the future.  Her solution, should you choose to read the 1,200 pages is that society is reborn in an age when the outside world is crashing down on the shoulders of those who feel everything is “OK.”

Make America Great Again, should be our rallying cry and our goal, republican or democrat.  The reason congress is having so much trouble with President Trump is because he, and the American people have caught  Congress with their hands in the “cookie jar.”