North to Alaska

By Maynard Flohaug

For the Independent

Plane to Dawson City – Day 14

We traveled by plane from Fairbanks to Dawson City on a 747 landing on a gravel runway at the airport.  Yes a gravel runway.  I was really surprised that a big plane could land and take off on such a runway.  In addition we found out that there is only one paved road in Dawson City as the streets are not paved and the sidewalks are wood planks. The store fronts give the look of the old mining town as used back during the gold rush. Photo 9.

River Cruise on the Yukon River – Day 15

This excursion was on a Paddle Boat up and down the river near Dawson city.  We saw some old mining equipment that had been abandoned near the river.  Also we saw a small village (town) near Dawson City that is off the grid.  The residents do not have any utilities such as, electricity, water and sewer services.  Much to my surprise many Alaskan residents in Dawson City and other towns do not have utilities services.  That evening we went to Girdies’ Saloon for casino games and a cancan show similar to the shows back in the old days.  We had lots of fun.

Bus from Dawson City to Whitehorse – Day 16

We boarded the bus for a ride to Whitehorse which took all day.  We stopped at several overlooks and gift shops on this portion of the trip. Some of the stops were old log structures where we were served delicious soup and salad. The last stop was at Braeburn which is one of the stops on the Idiotiron dog sled race.

Whitehorse – Day 17

We spent the day walking around town.  Unfortunately all of the excursions in Whitehorse were not running at this time.  By now we were a bit tired from the trip and we were okay with resting and enjoying the hotel.

Plane From Whitehorse to Vancouver, BC – Day 18

We caught our flight to Vancouver at 7 a.m. so we got up early.  In Vancouver we had to wait until 3p.m. for our hotel room.

Plane From Vancouver to Medford – Day 19

By this time we were ready to head home.  Again we thought this trip was a trip of a life time and would recommend it to anyone.