Rogue Disposal Rethinks Recycling

Rogue Disposal Rethinks Recycling

Changes coming soon for Rogue Disposal & Recycling customers



As of Monday, March 5th, Rogue Disposal will be hitting the reset button on their popular curbside recycling program.  The company is making changes in response to the global recycling crisis brought on by China’s recent crackdown on imported recyclable materials.

“To put the problem in perspective,” says Garry Penning, Director of Governmental Affairs at Rogue Disposal, “it’s helpful to understand that China has for many years consumed over half of the world’s recyclable materials.  Materials collected for recycling such as cardboard, specific kinds of plastic and metal can be used as feedstock in the manufacturing of new products – that’s what gives them value in the global marketplace.”

However, as of January 1st of this year, China made good on its promise to significantly limit the amount of material it imports from other countries, stating that the material they were receiving had too much trash and not enough valuable material in it. “Given that this shakeup in global recycling markets is likely to continue well into the future,” Penning says, “we have identified a short list of materials for which we know there are markets, and many of those markets are domestic.  If we can clean up our curbside mix, get the trash out, and eliminate the materials which currently have no market, we feel we’re doing a good job of insulating ourselves and our customers from global market volatility.”

Rogue Disposal’s stated goal is to make sure that the recyclable materials they collect are marketable, will actually be recycled, and will not end up in a landfill in some other part of the world.  To that end, as of Monday March 5th, they will be asking customers to limit what they put in their red lid recycling carts to the following materials:

Corrugated Cardboard (the kind with the wavy middle layer)

Tin and Aluminum Cans (no lids)

Newspaper (including inserts and ads)

Plastic Milk Jug Style Containers (clear or white, no lids)

This revised list of accepted items is based on input from various Pacific Northwest recycling processors that Rogue Disposal works with.  “We know that whatever mix we collect needs to be made up of materials that are easy to describe and communicate to customers,” says Laura Leebrick, Governmental & Community Affairs Manager for Rogue Disposal, “which will ultimately lead to significantly reduced contamination.”  Rogue Disposal recognizes that changing the curbside program will require thoughtful re-education about contamination, and about materials that are no longer considered “recyclable.”  Customers will be receiving new recycling educational materials soon, and are encouraged to call or visit the company’s website for more information about additional opportunities for recycling of materials no longer accepted in the curbside program.

“In making these changes to our curbside recycling program,” explains Leebrick, “we hope to enable our customers to recycle items for which there are sustainable, accessible, and affordable markets – now and into the future.”

Despite the current challenges in the recycling realm, as your local solid waste service provider, Rogue Disposal & Recycling remains committed to protecting the health and welfare of the residents of the Rogue Valley by providing environmentally sound solid waste management services.


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