Sheriff Report




Ricardo Daniel Batres-Escobar, 24, Falcon St, WC.  Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, trespassing 2, and unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.


Ana Faith Castorena, 24, Avenue H, WC.  DUII/alcohol, reckless driving, and criminal mischief.  Does not meet lodging criteria tostay.

Travis Lee VanWinkle, 35, Riley Rd, EP.  Driving while revoked.  Released on own recognizance.

Sarah Lynn Moore, 32, N. Shasta Ave, EP.  DUII/alcohol and reckless driving.  Released on own recognizance.

Kaylee Marie Vicino, 18, Red Blanket Rd, Prospect.  Littering.  Released on own recognizance.

Brandon Robert Taylor, 35, E. Archwood Dr, EP.  Disorderly conduct.


Sandra Marie Carter, 54, Division Rd, WC.  DUII/alcohol and reckless driving.  Released on own recognizance.

Allan Edward Woyna, 40, Crater Lake Hwy, WC.  Burglary 1, burglary 2, theft 1 x 3, and theft 2.

Ronald Ray Doty, 43, Parole violation for burglary 1 and felony possession of a weapon.


Teresa Marie Sheperd, 53, Crystal Dr, EP.  Failure to appear for DUII/alcohol and theft 3. Does not meet lodging criteria to stay.


Christopher Jon Serres, 46, Eagle View Dr, EP.  Assault 4 and harassment.  Does not meet lodging criteria to stay.

Jayson M Hawkins, 34, Shandra, SC.  Failure to appear and failure to pay for harassment. Released on bail.


Matthew Scott Lamer, 29, N. De Anjou Ave, EP.  Parole violation for coercion.

David Allen Vodden, 45, Napa St, EP.  Menacing x 2.  Released on own recognizance.

Naseef Ellias Ashker, 26, EP transient.  Parole violation for custodial interference.

John Ray Davis, 49, WC transient.  Possession of a controlled substance/meth.

Richard David Atler, 39, Elk Creek Rd, Trail.  Possession of a controlled substance/hash and failure to appear:  Manufacture of a controlled substance/marijuana x 2, possession of a controlled substance/marijuana, and distribution of a controlled substance/marijuana.


Terry James Coopman, 28, Winnetka Rd, WC.  Criminal mischief 2 x 2, reckless burning, an manufacture of a controlled substance/marijuana.  Released on own recognizance.

Armando Melendez Repman, 24, Francine Ct, WC.  Assault 4, harassment, and disorderly conduct 2.

Buchanan Zachariah McLaughlin, 29, Trail. Parole violation for sex abuse.

Glenn Keith Maxwell, 30, Terr-mont St, WC.  Parole violation for possession of a controlled substance/meth.

Zachary Todd Hallen, 20, Teakwood Dr, EP.  Parole violations for burglary 2 and theft 1.

Oscar Cruz Orozco, 22, Falcon St, WC.  Parole violation for assault 4 and failure to appear and failure to pay for assault 4 x 2, strangulation, and coercion.


Robyn Joy Sword, 35, Merry Ln, WC.  Trespassing 2.

Juan Gomez, 48, Osprey Dr, EP.  Criminal mischief.  Released on own recognizance.

Wallace Kent Kroeger Jr, 40, Hwy 62, SC.  Criminal mischief.  Process only.

Laura Leigh Golden, 42, Granite Ct, WC.  DUII/alcohol and reckless driving.  Released on own recognizance.

Mallory Inez McNamer, 27, Montclair Wy, EP.  Driving while suspended and parole violation for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  Released on own recognizance.

Robin Stewart Dowell, 64, Elk Creek Rd, Trail.  Failure to register as a sex offender.  Released on own recognizance.

Morgan Eugene Mapes, 61, Hwy 62, EP.  DUII/alcohol.  Released on own recognizance.