Notice of Cancelled Planning Commission Meeting

  Notice of Cancelled Planning Commission Meeting       The April 23, 2015     City of Shady Cove Planning Commission Meeting is cancelled

Senator Whitsett newsletter

The Legislative process often involves bringing various stakeholders together to find solutions to difficult problems. But sometimes, those problems are the result of well-meant but misguided government policies. Too often, the only proposed solutions involve the further expansion of government programs. A lack of affordable housing has become one of Oregon’s most significant problems. It…

Taking Care of the Planet

Taking Care of the Planet By Lynn Leissler For the Independent Some folks live in mobile homes, others in apartments. Others live in huts, houses or mansions. No matter the address or size of our homes, however, we all reside on Planet Earth, and April 22 is Earth Day.

Spanish at Medford Library

Spanish students

Spanish at Medford Library By F. C. Blake For the Independent Although promoted at first as “one half-hour speaking Spanish, and the second half, English,” it’s apparently morphed to “a solid hour of Spanish only.” Shelly Austin, Executive Director of Jackson County Library Foundation, leads the cost-free sessions each Monday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m….

SHERIFF 4-21-15 4/9 Mark Allen Christoph Bouteller, 25, Elk Creek Rd, Trail. Theft 3. Risk-doesn’t meet the lodging criteria. Kenneth James Allen, 21, Antelope Rd, WC. Fail to appear disorderly conduct, theft 1 x 3. Bill Wesley Spencer Jr, 31, Old Ferry Rd, SC. Fail to appear possession control substance/meth, fail to appear-fail to pay…

Prospect/Butte Falls softball

2A/1A-SD4 softball Lea Over Runs+ Runs- Ranking Bonanza 5-0 9-6 141 116 4 Lost River 3-1 3-3 78 60 26 Riddle / Days Creek 2-2 6-5 113 95 13 Chiloquin 2-3 3-4 124 94 33 Glendale 1-1 1-8 49 120 24 Prospect Char. / Butte Falls 0-2 4-3 90 65 23 North Lake 0-4 0-6…

Prospect/Butte Falls baseball

2A/1A-SD4 Baseball Lea all runs Allow Rank Lost River 3-1 3-6 61 70 21 Prospect Char. / Butte Falls 1-1 3-5 55 73 34 Glendale 1-1 3-8 78 92 28 Bonanza 1-1 2-5 28 94 25 Hosanna Christian 1-1 1-6 36 106 48 North Lake 1-3 2-4 52 66 44 Riddle / Days Creek -…

POLICE 4/21/15

POLICE 4/21/15 4/7 Douglass Arthur Hackett, 29, EP. Arrested on Jackson County Circuit Court Warrants(probation violation/weapon possession, probation violation/theft). Lodged JCJ. 4/8 Casey Bernard Gribben, 42, EP. Arrested for assault IV, harassment and disorderly conduct. Lodged JCJ. 4/12 Reginald Hastings, WC. Cited for speed violation, 70/55. John Ford, Medford. Cited for speed violation, 62/45. Juan…

The top three

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent You already know the top three foods to avoid: dairy, grains and sugars. But what about a top three that perhaps you might like to include in your food plan? I have three top categories, one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.    

Legal Notices

Legal Notices Eagle Point Mini Storage, LLC, is having a public auction on May 3, 2015, starting at 10:00am. Located at 151 W. Linn Road, Eagle Point, OR. Unit#   Occupant 9          Judy Irwin 23         Vernon Kelly 26         Alexis Peabody 361       David Dillingham Q9       Patrick Dexter Q23      Candace Earp R8        Michael Long R45      Janice Dow R59     …

Modern lighting fixtures

Modern lighting fixtures By F. C. Blake For the Independent We hear lots of commercials and read leaflets that accompany our power bills. “To conserve energy—upgrade your home; consider solar panels, and light emitting diodes (LED’s;) it’s the wave of the future.” For almost 28-years in our Upper Rogue house,