Sen. Doug Whitsett Newsletter

Oregon’s November quarterly economic forecast was made public last week. The report revealed that the state is continuing its slow recover from the Great Recession. Several Democrat state elected leaders issued glowing reports suggesting that happy economic days are here again. Sadly, they may not have understood some of the more relevant parts of the…

What About Lazy Eye?

What About Lazy Eye? Lazy eye, or amblyopia, refers to an eye that does not develop normal central vision because the brain does not receive a clear image from that eye and thus the eye does not learn to see properly.   Amblyopia almost always appears before the age of 6 and the sooner it is…

Award-winning Sweet Adelines’ Holiday show

sweet adelines

Award-winning Sweet Adelines’ Holiday show. By F. C. Blake For the Independent Southern Oregon Sound’s President Frankie Stellar joined the group three years ago. There she first learned techniques of singing a’capella, four-part harmony. The 45-member chorus comprises the local chapter of an international organization known as the Sweet Adelines. The singers’ weekly meetings take…

Best time to spay/ neuter?

Best time to spay/ neuter? By F. C. Blake For the Independent The dilemma–acquired one male and one female kitten, litter mates of undetermined age, found in a run-down abandoned house. Nobody saw their arrival on earth, but a Vet gave his best educated guesstimate of seven or eight weeks. A trip to the S.O….

Shoebox Project

The annual ACCESS Senior Shoebox Project has kicked off and will be accepting wrapped shoeboxes filled with a variety of fun and usable items until December 5, 2014. The purpose of this project is to bring some good cheer and extra special attention to Jackson County seniors, people with disabilities or shut-ins during the holiday…

Rickert to visit White House

  Superintendent Cynda Rickert is among exemplary local school chiefs who will be recognized for their leadership in helping

POLICE 11-25-14

POLICE 11-25-14 11/10 Becki Vanmeter, 45, Rogue River. Cited/released theft I. Becki Vanmeter, 45, Rogue River. Cited/released theft III. 11/11 Brian Morris, 47, Jacksonville. Cited/released criminal trespass I. Robert Facey, 29, EP. Cited/released theft III. Robert Facey, 29, EP. Cited/released theft III. (Different citation #) 11/12 Christopher Short, Medford. Cited for speed violation, 68/45. Ryan…

Olive Lansburgh moving from area

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent A European singing tour in several cities left college student, Olive Lansburgh flat on her back and in a hospital in Germany, quite a different expectation that what the 20-year-old had imagined. Olive was a student at Smith College and part of a tour of young singers visiting London,…

Muhammad at the Library

Muhammad at the Library By Lynn Leissler For the Independent Last week’s Thursdays at the Library talk, given by Steven Scholl,

Update: Creepy Crawlies with Christy 112014


By Christy Pitto For the Independent   In the September 23 Crawlies Column I discussed acquiring Milkweed Seeds to plant in the spring to aid in Monarch Butterfly recovery (and to make your yard super pretty!) Recent news stories caution that folks should only plant Milkweed species native to their area of the United States….

Mel Morris retiring from JC Fair Board

Mel Morris

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent Change is the only constant in this world, and there is another change coming in January. Ten-year Fair Board Member Mel Morris, has decided not to continue in his present position. And during that time, Mel has seen many changes to the Fair and the Fair Board.