Creepy Crawlies with Christy 062017

Male lazuli bunting on photo branch sm sd

Creepy Crawlies with Christy 062017 By Christy Pitto For The Independent   If you’re very lucky this summer, you might catch a glimpse of a bird so blue you may think you’re seeing things. Meet the Lazuli Bunting; Passerina amoena which means “beautiful sparrow” in Latin, and they are beautiful bitty birds. Lazuli are just…

STANDING GUARD The Old Legionaire This month we’ll touch on our nation’s most patriotic holiday, the Fourth of July. This harkins back over two hundred years ago to when we declared our independence from England and the bullets started flying.

Senator Linthicum Newsletter

Prairie Schooners and Paradigm Shifts In our Senate Education Committee this week, Steve Buckstein of the Cascade Policy Institute shared a humorous video from a student who is currently being educated in a home school setting. The video emphasized that one size doesn’t fit all and different tools serve different purposes. You can see the video here: Shoes…

The Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake

rogue roost ranch cover photo

The Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake The “Headquarters” Ranch and “Rogue’s Roost” Part One Dennis Ellingson We continue our journey on, traveling up old Hwy. 62. Up from or near the Carlton Ranches and the Grange another house has been remembered.      

chicken salad

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent Here’s one you’re going to love.  Most salads are just plain boring, but not this one.  It is titled Grilled Chicken BLT Salad. It is considered Paleo, which is supposed to mean healthy and it is plenty good tasting.

Oregon Democrats Push Tax Hikes On Businesses AGAIN

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Contact: ORP Communications Director – (503) 902-4671 “Lobbyist-In-Chief” Kate Brown and Oregon Democrats Push Tax Hikes On Businesses AGAIN Wilsonville, OR – To address the so-called $1.4 billion budget shortfall caused by their own disastrous, out-of-control spending policies, weakened Governor Kate Brown and her Democrat allies are…

Around the House

Dear Old Dad By Lynn Leissler For the Independent “It is a wise father that knows his own child,” quoth William Shakespeare. As usual, The Bard nailed it. It’s a good thing somebody in the family understood me. Mom, the pragmatic parent, saw the world in black and white, so this “gray” child struggled to…

Creepy Crawlies with Christy 061417

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Creepy Crawlies with Christy 061417 By Christy Pitto For The Independent   When we think of “beneficial insects” most of us think of ladybugs and they are awesome, but they aren’t the only wee warriors helping your garden grow. This week let’s revisit the Green Lacewing (Family Chrysopidae).  

Creepy Crawlies with Christy

combine Eumorpha achemon - Achemon Sphinx moth sm sd-tile

  By Christy Pitto For The Independent   This week let’s meet a Crawly which is a very specialized and stunning Upper Rogue resident. Meet the Eumorpha achemon Sphinx Moth. With a wingspan of 4 ½” this massive moth is hard to miss, but pretty rare to find.

Around the house


Just Say Yes By Lynn Leissler For the Independent Sharing my home with a ten-year old when my own children have children past that age is—understatement—a big change.   Friends have stepped in to help broaden Renee’s horizons beyond my gentle contributions of cookie baking and theater attendance. A couple of guys have promised fishing…

Senator Linthicum newsletter

Oregon’s Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson, reported last week that Oregon Health Authority may have failed to validate as many as 115,000 Medicaid recipients. Richardson estimated that potentially 86,000 of these individuals are ineligible for Medicaid coverage.