District 9 Spelling Contest

division one spelling

District 9 Spelling Contest Last month District 9 Elementary, Middle and High School students competed in the District Spelling Contest. 2 Top spellers from each category will go on to the Regional Contest at Southern Oregon University at the end of this month.  

D9 Board meeting

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent Several parents and others filled the District 9 Board room on April 12, and most had the same item on their agenda.  Since the District has issued IPads to all students within the District, folks have been disappointed that students are able to access many things that they should…

In the Business of Graduating

In the Business of Graduating By Lynn Leissler For the Independent If students don’t show up, they’ll never graduate or live up to their adult potential, a guiding philosophy for D9.

Julie Kate Buchanan

HAYS, Kan. — Julie Kate Buchanan, Eagle Point (97524), graduated from Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan., in the fall 2016 semester with a Bachelor of General Studies (human services).   FHSU does not release the lists of undergraduate and graduate degrees until transcripts have been verified as having met all requirements for graduation.  …


Graduation Rates and ESSA The Oregon Graduation Rates data for 2015-16 were just  released.  The Every Student Succeeds Act (E.S.S.A.) replaces NCLB and will be identifying low performing schools based on (District- wide)Graduation Rates. Any school district with a Graduation Rate under 67% will be considered low performing.    Then Oregon must intervene to force an…

D9 Continues Internet Safety Discussion

D9 Continues Internet Safety Discussion By Lynn Leissler For the Independent At its work session and regular meeting, D9 school board continued to wrestle with the issue of student Internet safety. After the district tightened the number of available sites, some teachers couldn’t access material for things such as classroom decoration. District staff evaluated about…

A Dog and the Digital Age


A Dog and the Digital Age By Lynn Leissler For the Independent Dallas, the four-legged teacher’s aide at Hillside Elementary, attended the D9 work session to let folks know how things are going. Owner/teacher, Sean Dugan-Strout, said Dallas gives a “Hi” in the morning and a “paw five” when the kids leave, and lots of…

Dallas’s Day at School


Dallas’s Day at School By Lynn Leissler For the Independent By the end of the school day, Dallas is tired. He has moved around a lot, helped students, listened to and obeyed his new commands. Dallas is a dog.

D9 report

More Languages Than We Might Guess By Lynn Leissler For the Independent Students aren’t the only ones who receive report cards—so do school districts, and as D9 Superintendent Cynda Rickert reviewed theirs, it came up that more than English and Spanish is spoken in the district. If you’re in the right place, you might hear…

D9 board meeting

D9 board meeting By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent Even though school is not in session, there is work to do for the D9 school board.

New Graduation Requirements

New Graduation Requirements By Lynn Leissler For the Independent While students and teachers take a much needed break, D9 staff and board continue the work of running a school district. Administration wise, July officially starts the new school year, and plans are already in place for much of next year.