Thanksgiving day In a time when many things look bleak, the blessings we enjoy and share can often be overlooked.  We really should spend more time counting blessings rather than criticizing things around us, so let’s spend a few moments doing just that.

Kate Brown’s Attention Deficit Disorder

Kate Brown’s Attention Deficit Disorder By John A. Charles, Jr. The most serious problem facing Oregon right now is the exploding costs of the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). The PERS crisis is so severe that the Oregon Legislature


The Upper Rogue is mourning the passing of Jim Ulrich.


    By Dr. Glenn Mollette Last Sunday was a day vomited up from the belly of hell itself. Satan paraded into the wide-open streets of Sutherland Springs, Texas and tried to annihilate a small God loving, Bible preaching church.

the adventures of the lost villages

lost villages

Those of you who have been following the adventures of the Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake will be happy to learn that author Dennis Ellingson has gathered the stories into a volume to be published very shortly.  Ellingson and his wife Kit are currently on their way to Arizona for the winter, but have…


Can you believe, 8,400 structures were destroyed by fire in California in the last two weeks?  In some cases, nearly entire cities were destroyed by the ravages of wildfire.

The first casualty of war

There are some really scary things happening in this country and around the world at this time.  Hurricanes in the south, fires in the west and northwest, shootings in Las Vegas and Chicago and generally frightening things happening in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in general.  Venezuela is proving once again that socialism does not…

We should have seen it coming

Well, we should have seen it coming.


I went to the doctor last week.  It was a routine annual checkup because of a thyroid cancer about 40 years ago, nothing special.  But I mentioned to the doctor that I had been having hip pain for a couple of months, something that had recurred during the spring months over the last three years. …

Needed—More Neighborhood Watch Groups

Needed—More Neighborhood Watch Groups By Flo C. Blake For the Independent   Security devices, such as cameras, special lighting, and, alarms may help protect our homes. Problem with cameras, however, is that crooks often wear ski-masks, sunglasses and hoodies that disguise their images. Motion-sensor lights become activated by just that—anything producing motion, including pets, squirrels,…


Hillary Clinton has released her new book, which has been described as 400 pages of blaming someone else for why she lost the election.  It is not a wonder why she would do that, for that is what is so ingrained in those folks back there, they lived to blame.  It is never their fault-for…