Releasing the Chokehold on America’s Energy Secto

Releasing the Chokehold on America’s Energy Sector By David Williams President Trump and Republicans in Congress have repeatedly vowed to bolster America’s global economic competitiveness. They just made good on that promise.    


A new store opened in Shady Cove last week, a really bright spot that will hopefully offer the spark toward revitalization.  Contrast that with the store closing in Lake Creek, the only business in this tiny wide spot in the road.  

Since entering the White House

Since Trump has entered the White House,  

Th Golden Binkie Award

In light of last week’s editorial, I thought it only proper to give an award for the most bone-headed action I have seen for the entire week.


I have an idea:  

I recall . . .

As the days pass, some changes are hardly noticeable.  Others are thrust in our faces and missing them is to have your head stuck well into the sand beneath your feet. I recall the days when the radio was the modern appliance that kept us in touch with the world, and I remember when we…

Careful what you ask for

An ATM machine which dispenses McDonald’s Big Mac Burgers is up and running in Boston, and folks are standing in line at this one-of-a-kind machine to get a McDonald’s burger.


If I were brand new to this country, had no history to base an opinion, had read nothing or seen absolutely nothing of the behavior or our legislators, I would be forced–in good conscience–to vote against anything proposed by some of the establishment.  

The talk this week

The talk this week, as it was last, is President Donald Trump. This week, news came out that he fired the Assistant Attorney General when she refused a lawful direct order.

It is a dangerous road

One German newspaper says that someone should assassinate President Donald Trump, Madonna, on the other hand says that its a simple process, just blow up the White House and that will solve all our problems.  It’s not really certain what protestors want, except to raide, destroy and evidently live off the land(meaning other people). Where…

Senator Linthicum on spending

  Gov. Kate Brown released a recommended budget last month that has everyone in media gasping for breath because of a $1.7 billion shortfall. The governor is quoted as saying, “The budget includes significant cuts at a level I find absolutely unacceptable…” The Governor and I both agree–her budget is unacceptable.  It is unacceptable because…