“lack of Filters” as you have stated here, and elsewhere, is an absolute lie and an irresponsible attempt to feed inaccurate information to the parents of the district that are a lot smarter and better equipped to raise their children than you, technology, or the school district.  I know for a fact that D9 uses…

Graduation rates:

Graduation rates:   For some time, I have heard the figures of graduation rates bandied about the room, and with figures as far apart as what I’ve heard, one has to wonder who, or what is right.    


It was an incredible week for Eagle Point High School.  The Horticultural team won the state championship and the Skills USA team qualified for the Nationals for an unprecedented 15th time in a row.  The FFA held their annual honors banquet and several FFA members received honors they richly deserved.    

Guest Editorial iPads at D9

I think we all make some general assumptions when we see our community’s children heading off to school each morning.  Some of the assumptions are based on well communicated goals by our school district and others are quite subtle.  However, one thing I think we can all agree on is that the school district should…


I’ve listened to a lot of arguments over the past year about the iPads issue in D9 schools.  And let me preface this editorial by saying I am a techie kind of guy, so my original thoughts were that students learning what they will need to know in the future must be a good thing. …

Senator Linthicum column

trump map

From the map, we can see the election results. Trump won the rural/red counties comprising most of the US and Oregon, while the blue cities went to Hillary, centered in the Northwest around Portland and the Tri-county metro-area. (Click for interactive map: http://bit.ly/MetroNation)      


Last week was the annual Proficiency Tour for the Eagle Point FFA chapter.  It is a distinct honor and privilege to serve on that committee, along with Linda Anderson, Marti Anderson, Gary Bedell, Ron Fumasi, Dr. John Edwards, Duane Haas and Kathy Wallace.  Those folks and FFA advisors, Tracey Hinkson and Curtis North spend a…

Remembering Olive Lansburgh

When the community loses a valued member, it is always a shock.  Often times, a person does not even have words to put to their emotion, and the loss of Olive Lansburgh was one of those occasions.  

So what’s changed?

So what’s changed? During the last election cycle, there was a great deal of talk about what was termed as “fake news.” Well, has anything changed since this revelation about they chose to call “fake news?”    

senator Linthicum newsletter

If a Democrat House member gets his way, the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) will load stiff economic, land and water management problems right into the lap of Oregon’s farmers, ranchers, cattle and dairymen. All water right holders will find themselves in a swamp-like slough of muddy ground composed of fees, regulatory efforts and exceedingly…

Energy spending

Families below the poverty line spend 8 percent of their income on electricity, a much larger proportion than higher income families, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. And in rural areas, 17.7 percent of families live below the poverty line, as noted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Energy efficiency provides…