Jack Walker memorialized at Air Tanker Base


Jack Walker memorialized at Air Tanker Base. By F. C. Blake For the Independent. Rogue Valley Airport Director Bern Case proved once again his skill at rising to unexpected contingencies. On September 24, he saw to it that strategically-placed signage would aid the hapless in locating the setting for now-departed Commissioner Jack Walker’s special tribute….

Jackson County Commissioner candidates for 2014

tonia moro

The question lingering on the minds of a number of voters in Jackson County is how we began the year with a primary election and a total of four candidates, and now we’re entering the general election with a total of six candidates for the two positions. It has definitely been an unusual year. In…

Three candidates vying for BF mayor

By Gaynell Krambeal For the Independent Butte Falls will see three candidates running for mayor in 2014. All candidates say they will do a good job for the citizens of the town and offer the following for voter consideration. Jana Goodman: (1) This candidate feels that the choice of the people is most important to…

Ring of fire

Ring of fire By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent Everyone knew it was going to be a bad year for wildfires in the north and west, and it has. Last week I went through a list of the fires to determine just how much of our beautiful country is burning up. The list is both…

Students learn about Forest Service mules

Students learn about Forest Service mules By Gaynell Krambeal For the Independent Students at Butte Falls Elementary School were honored with an unusual field trip on Sept 3. They walked four blocks from school to the Butte Falls Ranger Station where they were met by Mitchel Wilkerson of the Forest Service.

Creepy Crawlies With Christy 082114   By Christy Pitto For The Independent            


Jackson County Board of Commissioner Coverage

Jackson County Board of Commissioner Coverage By Colleen Roberts For Independent Commissioners Rachor and Skundrick unanimously approved the only two items on the agenda for consideration at their Wednesday Board of Commissioner’s public meeting.

EPID going to make it through season It was just a month or so back that Eagle Point Irrigation District manager Dave Ford was hesitant about making it through the season without having to cut back on water. Now, with the season nearly completed, he is fairly confident that there will be no shortages or…


Book Review: Divine Intervention – 50 Stories of God’s Miracles Today

  Book Review: Divine Intervention – 50 Stories of God’s Miracles Today, Edited by Daniel Fazzina. Review submitted by F.C.Blake For the Independent. Successful radio talk show host, Daniel Fazzina, personally experienced the miraculous healing of a serious illness after numerous Medical Experts had seemingly abandoned hope. Fazzina has since interviewed scores of fascinating persons…

cover of hegne book

Historian, Barbara Hegne, formerly of Eagle Point, has written another historical book, this one about her own family. Titled “Saga of the Mask Plantation, North Carolina, Slaves Journey to Oregon,” is about the struggles and eventual settling of the family in the Eagle Point Area.


Sherri’s Courage