Jackson County Board of Commissioner Coverage

Jackson County Board of Commissioner Coverage By Colleen Roberts For Independent Commissioners Rachor and Skundrick unanimously approved the only two items on the agenda for consideration at their Wednesday Board of Commissioner’s public meeting.

EPID going to make it through season It was just a month or so back that Eagle Point Irrigation District manager Dave Ford was hesitant about making it through the season without having to cut back on water. Now, with the season nearly completed, he is fairly confident that there will be no shortages or…


Book Review: Divine Intervention – 50 Stories of God’s Miracles Today

  Book Review: Divine Intervention – 50 Stories of God’s Miracles Today, Edited by Daniel Fazzina. Review submitted by F.C.Blake For the Independent. Successful radio talk show host, Daniel Fazzina, personally experienced the miraculous healing of a serious illness after numerous Medical Experts had seemingly abandoned hope. Fazzina has since interviewed scores of fascinating persons…

cover of hegne book

Historian, Barbara Hegne, formerly of Eagle Point, has written another historical book, this one about her own family. Titled “Saga of the Mask Plantation, North Carolina, Slaves Journey to Oregon,” is about the struggles and eventual settling of the family in the Eagle Point Area.


Sherri’s Courage

EPID march meeting

Are we ready for the next civil war?

State Wrestling tournament results

Winter White and Spring Green

Sc city council report

By Christy Pitto For The IndependentThe March 6 Shady Cove City Council meeting was filled with a sense of “deja two “as Councilors Gary Hughes and Leith Hayes slipped back into their familiar role of voting against the grain. Two related issues in particular warranted much discussion and garnered their dual no votes:

Losing that precious hour each year

Probably most of us can recall horror stories of episodes when we actually, or nearly, missed that dreaded time-change. This month daylight saving time seemed to sneak up on us earlier than usual. It’s still winter. Wasn’t DST first established so farmers could get their crops to market earlier on summer mornings? One spring day…