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EPID march meeting

Are we ready for the next civil war?

State Wrestling tournament results

Winter White and Spring Green

Sc city council report

By Christy Pitto For The IndependentThe March 6 Shady Cove City Council meeting was filled with a sense of “deja two “as Councilors Gary Hughes and Leith Hayes slipped back into their familiar role of voting against the grain. Two related issues in particular warranted much discussion and garnered their dual no votes:

Losing that precious hour each year

Probably most of us can recall horror stories of episodes when we actually, or nearly, missed that dreaded time-change. This month daylight saving time seemed to sneak up on us earlier than usual. It’s still winter. Wasn’t DST first established so farmers could get their crops to market earlier on summer mornings? One spring day…

Creepy Crawlies With Christy

European Black Slug 1

What’s brown and orange and slimy all over? The European Black Slug (Arion ater). The Euro Black slug is similar in size to our native banana slug and ranges in color from the distinctive brown/orange of our local specimens to true black. While not the most attractive critter in the Upper Rogue, these slugs are…

Six members of the 2013 Eagle Point High football team sign with colleges

Eagle Players at signing party

      Eagle Point high school held a signing party for six senior football players on Feb 5.  Those six players have had exemplary careers with the Eagles, three will be attending schools outside Oregon, three will be attending Southern Oregon University.  The letter of intent is more than a sign of commitment, it…

Watershed Festival

The second annual Watershed Festival takes place on Saturday, September 7 from 10:00a.m.-3p.m. at Harnish Wayside Park in Eagle Point. The festival is part of the city of Eagle Point’s Water Resources Awareness during September. All activities are free.  

9/11 Honor Run

Rob Wilson of Eagle Point will be running 34.97 miles on this 9/11 to honor those who died during the September 11 attacks. He will be running the entire route carrying an American flag. The race will start at his house, proceed to the Eagle Point National Cemetery and into downtown Medford before making his…