March 11 city council meeting

Eagle Point City Council By Lynn Leissler For the Independent Managing one’s personal life has its times of high activity and times when things just buzz along. So it is with managing a city. The March 11 meeting ran short, and most agenda items, including commission and department reports, related to works in progress. Eagle…

Doug Whitsett: Forest Practices Act

Oregon was the first state to adopt a Forest Practices Act. The widely supported 1971 Act was intended to protect forest streams against potential negative timber harvest impacts. It required the maintenance of sufficient undisturbed forest buffers alongside streams to reduce water pollution and soil erosion.

Sherri’s Courage

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Newsletter-Senator Doug Whitsett

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Food and friends

Fast food drive through

EPID march meeting

EP City Council meeting

Creepy Crawlies with Christy

A historic zap

A heroic Zap by F. C. Blake For the Independent. She’d rented a first-floor apartment in a declining Miami Beach neighborhood. Jolee’s first stop–the pet shop, where a ruddy Abyssinian kitten paced in a cage near the ceiling. The store’s owner recognized that mesmerized look in this customer’s eye. He retrieved the mini-cougar look-alike, and…