Art and Soul exhibit

Lithia Pak in the fall

  For 100 years, 1916-2016, Lithia park has delighted visitors and residents of the city of Ashland. The park encompasses all Lithia Pak in the fall

State Minimum wage passes senate

Salem, Ore. – Today, Senate Democrats passed a partisan measure mandating steep increases in the minimum wage across Oregon, resulting in a $1.2 billion burden on Oregon businesses. The bill, which sets three different minimum wages for different regions across the state, would increase the minimum wage as high as $14.75 per hour in urban…


Correction—December Lake Creek Student Recognition By Lynn Leissler For the Independent One of my favorite parts of the school board meetings is student recognition time. It’s encouraging to see young people putting out their best, kids who offer hope for our future. Well, I goofed with December’s kids, Lake Creek students Connor Watson and Wyatt…

Jackson County Mental Health in the Upper Rogue

Jackson County Mental Health in the Upper Rogue By Lynn Leissler For the Independent AllCare, Jackson Care Connect, OnTrack, Addictions Recovery Center and Jackson County Mental Health engaged Total Care Solutions in early December to perform needs analysis regarding Jackson County drugs and alcohol and mental health issues.


By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent I was recently introduced to one of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. It is an app for an iPad or iPhone called “SkyView” and it is truly remarkable. Once the app is installed and it finds your position on the globe, it projects an image of the…

The Great Shakeout

Oregon lies at a convergent continental boundary where two tectonic plates are colliding. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is actually a 600 mile long earthquake fault stretching from offshore northern California to southern British Columbia. This fault builds up stress for hundreds of years as the Juan de Fuca and North America Plates push against each…

DFD welcomes four new board members

Dogs for the Deaf welcomes four new Directors to serve three-year terms on the national Assistance Dog training organization’s Board of Directors. The four new Directors are valuable contributors to southern Oregon communities, and have a variety of private-sector and non-profit backgrounds and expertise. “In order to help enhance the lives of as many people…

Jeremiah Curphey paints the town

Interesting work by Jeremiah

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent Jeremiah Curphey is a pretty remarkable young man. But he is also humble, so he may not think that he is very remarkable. But his work speaks for itself. Jeremiah is an artist who is

Butte Falls students meet pipeline hikers near the Butte Falls Fish Hatchery

Students from Butte Falls had an opportunity Thursday September 3rd to learn how some projects are created. A lot of government power is often involved. Josh Eng from Eugene shared his views with the students. He is against the Jordan Cove Project because of the over reach of government to use eminent domain for out…

Hot Dog Heaven

Steven Cleveland at Hot Dog Heaven

By Ralph McKechnie Of the Independent The American hot dog must be the favorite cuisine in the country. And as the old jingle says, “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and . . .” Well, there is a little bit of that favorite cuisine right in the heart of Shady Cove. Hot Dog Heaven has been…

Beebe Road Fire Deemed Electrical

For Immediate Release                                             Contact: Ashley Lara 541-831-2778 Date: August 26, 2015   Beebe Road Fire Deemed Electrical   At 12:36 p.m. Wednesday, a caller contacted 9-1-1 to report heavy smoke coming from the back of a home located at 477 Beebe Road in Central Point. ###