Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

Kudos to EPHS Culinary Arts students: Renee Nelson, Nathan Truelove, Michael Miller, Bryce Gaines, Taylor Pitner and Clover Grandy. For the 2014 Exotic Dessert Auction they made an absolutely delicious Strawberry Cheesecake that we were able to purchase. Kudos also to Cathy Lopez Williams at Heaven Scent Flowers for the beautiful bouquet of flowers she donated to the auction. It was amazing as always.

Great job students,
Gary and Vicki Brookins



I have been using the services of “Happy Feet by Wendy”.

She is a retired nurse and does a great job taking take

of my feet. Give her a call sometime and set up an appointment.

She will come to your home and take good care of you.

Check out her services under “FOOT CARE” in the paper.

Her phone number is 541-531-6544


Harvey Bauers



Resurrect Andrew Carnegie’s Dream

In May when the Jackson County voter have the opportunity to create a special

library district we will follow the qualifications set up by Andrew Carnegie in the

nineteenth century. By approving this tax we will have the financial commitment

from public support. We already have the building sites. The free services

provided by our libraries are invaluable and will stay in place.

My main concern is for the children and older students in Jackson County. Many

people argue that we don’t need libraries in every town. The negative point that

so many adults in our County don’t recognize is that these library buildings are

set up in unique land sights. These locations allow students from grammar,

middle and high school walking access to them to allow them to read their way to

higher education. If we don’t have libraries we will bankrupt the intellectual

possibilities of our next generation. We love where we live but the fact is we live

in rural communities and don’t have the abundant availability of big cities.

Children need libraries to learn, grow and be the best they can be by using their

minds and their imaginations.

Please seriously consider the detriment to our children without libraries and vote

YES for the special library district on the May ballot.


Janet Siedlecki. Eagle Point