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Crawlies with Cri 021418 By Christy Pitto For The Independent   With spring approaching many of us are hitting the nurseries buying blooms to attract the pretty pollinators to our yards. However, if you love butterflies (and who doesn’t?) there’s a better attraction than posies, a puddling place.  

A time to kneel

A time to kneel Written by Ted Nugent   Take a little trip to Valley Forge in January. Hold a musket ball in your fingers and imagine it piercing your flesh and breaking a bone or two. There won’t be a doctor or trainer to assist you until after the battle, so just wait your…


SHERIFF   2/2 Leta Jean Schroeder, 40, WC transient.  Parole violation for criminal negligent homicide, interfering with a peace officer, false information, and disorderly conduct. Joseph Francisco Teran, 37, Barton Rd, EP.  Assault 4, strangulation, and failure to appear for contempt of non-support. Tamera Sue Evans, 57, Poppy Ridge Dr, EP.  Failure to appear for…

Senator Linthicum Newsletter

One of my bills, The Ratepayer Protection Act (SB 1552) will be heard on Wednesday, Feb. 14th. This bill has several sections designed to cap costs for Oregon energy users and establish strong, consistent policies to keep electric rates as low as possible. Specifically, it prohibits a public utility from exceeding a 4.5 percent rate…

Red Cross to move

The Southwest Oregon Chapter of the American Red Cross is relocating its administrative offices from its current Medford facility, at 60 Hawthorne Street, to a new facility in Medford. Red Cross classes, including CPR and First Aid, will remain at the Hawthorne facility. The Red Cross Blood Donor Center will stay at its current location,…

Poll Shows 70% of Oregonians Oppose Late-Term Abortions

: Poll Shows 70% of Oregonians Oppose Late-Term Abortions ORTL Introduces Late-Term Protection Bills in 2018 Session Salem, OR — Oregon Right to Life surveyed 500 likely Oregon general election voters over January 28-29, 2018. The results of the statewide poll show 70% opposition to late-term abortions.  Only 36% of Democrats still support late-term abortions….


POLICE   1/29 Cody Chance Hanson, 32, EP.   Arrested on violation of conditional release.  Lodged JCJ. Joseph Clancy, EP.  Cited for driving uninsured and no valid operator’s license and warned for operation without required lighting equipment. 1/31 Erin Jessica Curtis, 34, EP.  Arrested on Multnomah County Circuit Court warrant for failure to appear for trespassing…

Offense Dries up in Lady Eagles Loss to Crater

Offense Dries up in Lady Eagles Loss to Crater   By Tim O’Sullivan For the Independent   It all started so well.  

V The Lost Villages of Lost Creek Lake More about those Pears Dennis Ellingson Last time we told you about the famous Weeks Pear Orchard located on the Laurelhurst side of the river. The area of the orchards and the Weeks property lies in the group camping area of the Stewart State Park Campground.  …


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